Second Set of Victims to loose their hair for The Jager Fund RAZOR

First Victims to loose their hair for The Jager Fund RAZOR

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Thank you to everyone who has stepped up and shown support for us and The Jager as he has been in the hospital this last month and a half. It has been a challenge for all of us but God has kept us strong and we have seen countless miracles in The Jager’s recovery. At times it’s hard to see how He is going to use this for good but we are reminded over and over in the Bible that God is in control and will work all things for the good of those who love him (Romans 8:28). With this in mind we feel that our friends, family and fans should know what’s going on with Triple Stitch.

About a week before The Jager went into the hospital for meningitis, we had a band meeting to talk about the direction of the band. At the meeting he told us he had been doing a lot of praying and thinking and that he felt he needed to step down from playing guitar in Triple Stitch. There were several reasons he cited as to why he came to this decision, needing more family time, medical reasons, etc, but the main reason was that he felt God calling him to step down. In the meeting The Jager stressed that he still wants to be part of Triple Stitch and help out with merch at shows and we welcome his involvement as much as he would like. There were and are no hard feelings between the band and The Jager and he still is a vital aspect of what makes Triple Stitch a band.

We didn’t want this post to be all sad news so we have some super amazing news to finish up with! We know that it is impossible to find someone to replace The Jager because, well, he is The Jager. But for now a good friend of ours, J Danger will be filling in on guitar. He has quite a bit of experience being in a band and we feel that he will make a great fill-in for the time being.

Also, we are stoked to announce that Officer Johnson is now the full-time bass guitar player!! The past couple months we have been practicing with him and the man knows how to Rock N’ Roll. Don’t worry, Jimmy Riot is still going to be singing his guts out, we just wanted to give him a little more freedom. If you haven’t already, come check out a show!

Again, thank you all for your prayers and support for The Jager and the band. We know we threw a lot at you in this post but we want to be straight up honest with you guys. If you have any questions or anything, please shoot us an email or message us on Facebook. We love you guys!

Triple Stitch

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The Jager Fund RAZOR!!

Here’s the deal, as most of you know The Jager went into the hospital on March 7th with meningitis. (Meningitis is an inflammation of the membranes that cover the brain) The doctors had to perform emergency surgery to remove a part of his skull and there was quite a while where they weren’t sure if he was going to make it. But our God is Awesome and has been there every step of the way providing many miracles! You can read the whole story at CaringBridge

Needless to say the medical bills are really piling up. We as the band wanted to help Greg, his wife Jennie and his 2 year old daughter out and relieve some of the financial pressure. That’s why we decided to do something. Not just any old something either. We wanted to offer something bigger then just selling donuts or having a change jar at the gas station. Something bigger then a guitar give-a-way, bigger then the Grand Canyon, bigger then OPRAH!! We wanted to offer something that no body else on planet Earth can offer…

Jimmy Riot’s lushes bleach blond locks piled nicely…

On the floor!!

But it’s not just Jimmy’s head that’s on the block. El Tirge, Officer Johnson, J Danger (fill-in guitar), Matt the Jager’s brother and even Dan the Jager’s DAD is in!! Here’s the thing though, each head comes at a price. Once the fund Razor reaches specific levels, someone is getting their hair chopped. Here’s the list of people and when their mane will reach it’s doom.

J Danger (fill-in guitar) $1000
Officer Johnson $1500
El Tigre and Matt Jager $2000
Jimmy Riot and Dan Jager $3000

Here’s how it’s going to work:
1. Tell all your family and friends
2. Click on the donate button at the bottom (that’s going to bring you to a Paypal site where you can donate)
3. Enter your donation
4. Keep checking our Facebook and for updates on how much we have raised.

This is running until April 30, when the doors on this fund Razor will be closing. The final count will be computed and the shaving will occur at the Springfest Show in Braham Minnesota. For those of you who can’t attend, the festivities will be recorded on video and posted on our Facebook and here on our website the next day.


First Victims to loose their hair for The Jager Fund RAZOR at $1000

Second Set of Victims to loose their hair for The Jager Fund RAZOR at $2000

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Something New, More Rockin, Mind-Blowing? I’ll Take TWO!

Who likes new, awesomely amazing things?! I know I do. And I wanted to give you guys a heads up on some super rad things that are going to be coming your way.

We as a band are on what our management has labeled a ‘development hiatus.’ Now before you go freaking out or crying because we broke up, let me clarify what is going on. Most of the time when you hear of a band going on ‘hiatus’ it’s them basically saying they are quitting. Let me rest assure you, Triple Stitch is NOT breaking up or anything even close. It’s actually quite the opposite.

With this time off we have been working on writing new songs, adding killer new elements to our live show and developing a surprise so big we can’t even tell you here! Ok I’ll give you a little idea of how awesome this is going to be. Picture the 4th of July, skydiving, bmx jousting and lobster all rolled into one amazing evening. Not that any of that is actually going to be part of our live show, but you get the idea of how EPIC this is going to be!! All I know is that we are super stoked for you guys to see us on April ##. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

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The CD Release Show was INSANE!!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our CD Release show over the weekend! We had over 350 of you guys in Club 3 for this party and it was an amazing time. A big thank you goes out to the bands that played with us. Hyland, Shasta Blvd, Dead Level Best, Farsighted and Sons of Levi.

Our appreciation goes out to Club 3 Degrees for letting us have our CD Release there and a big thank you to Perkins for letting the after party take over their place! Seriously, we had over 120 people there!! I still can’t believe we packed that many people in. But somehow you guys did it.

We have the best fans EVER!!!!

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