The New EP is coming. Get stoked!

We are so excited for all of you to hear our new jams. As many of you know we have recently gone into the studio to record a new EP. It has been far to long since there has been any new Triple Stitch music, but trust us it will be worth the wait.

I (Geoff) always hate it when my favorite bands make a new record and the style is totally different then there last release. I can guarantee that fans of “This is Rebellion” will dig this new EP. It has a little more of a Rock N Roll feel without loosing our punk edge. Jimmy has written some of the most in yo face, and down right gutsy lyrics to date. Some of the tunes are a little slow then you might be expecting, but after you listen to the whole EP you will know that we still like to play fast and loud.

I hope to see you all this summer. We are hitting up some sweet spots at some killer festivals, so come out to a show and experience the new jams in person. We are also planing a huge release party (or two), so keep an eye out for that (or them).

God bless.

Geoff “Officer” Johnson

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