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Its May, and summer’s finally on its way!

We here at Triple Stitch have been so blessed the last few months its crazy. I thought I would give you all a quick run down of what we have been up to.

In March we spent 2+ weeks on tour with the band “FBS”. Thay are great guys. If you are looking for some sweet punk rock jams go check them out. It was awesome to get to meet some cool people, and play some cool venues.

In April we hit the studio to record our new EP. It will be called “Your love will be the death of all Rock n’ Roll.”, and it will be out later this summer. We are super stoked to let you crazy kids hear it. If you liked “This is Rebellion” you are going to love the new stuff.

Now its May, and we are busy getting things lined up for festival season. We will be playing some cool spots at some huge festivals. Check out our “shows” tab to see when we are going to be in your town.


God bless.


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