Since Triple Stitch last hit the studio back in 2009 to bring you their breakthrough project The Rock N’ Roll EP, the band has played numerous shows and was able to make appearances at Cornerstone, Sonshine and Lifelight music festivals this past summer. The Rock N’ Roll EP has proven to be overwhelmingly popular with the song ‘Sex, Drugs and Rock N’ Roll’ landing as the opening track for AP Magazines MN Street Team video series. Sharing the stage with the likeness of Project 86, Spoken and Showbread, the group has developed into a momentous powerhouse of pure punk/rock n’ roll.

The bands debut full-length album ‘This is Rebellion’ released October 23rd 2010 and is proving to be an explosive catalysis, launching the band further into the mainstream music scene. The album comes at you swinging, with in-your-face lyrics and bone crunching guitars on the song ‘Riot’ and doesn’t let up till the final and title track ‘This is Rebellion’ fades into the night. Fists will rise as voices roar ‘Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t tell me what to do!’ in the track ‘Red, White, Black and Blue’ that is destine to infiltrate music sub-cultures and punk rock circles across America. The only intermission to the Rock N’ Roll furry is the track ‘Raise the Flag’ that brings the listener into the sobering life of a WWII solder struggling for survival on the battlefield.

‘This is Rebellion’ revives unbridled punk rock n’ roll abandon with towering riffs and aggressive vocals in a style reminiscent of Squad 5-0. This album is not merely a rebellious stance against society today, but offers hope to the problems faced in every day life.